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Businesses need to invest in resources in a multimodal communication environment to offer seamless customer experience. Our partitioning services help you communicate and collaborate within and beyond your organization, helping you meet the demands of growth.

Always keeping up with the tradition to provide you with the best of features, We offer business solutions to customers who do not want to invest in technology or legalities associated with carrier contracts. It is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who wish to manage their own business.

Our Partitioning Service enables you to:
• control your margins
• manage your resellers
• develop customer databases
• build own product brands
• register new customers quickly
• view call records in real time
• maintain multiple rate sheets

Continuing the tradition of providing superior value propositions to our clients, we have invested in technology and application development to ensure that these partitioning capabilities are available to our partners in order rapidly to launch and manage their own calling card, wholesale, residential, and call shop businesses.

With an agenda to not only create a world of superior telecommunications, but also to guide you and help improve your business, we understand the pitfalls associated with the prepaid calling card business and that’s why, we will share our knowledge and expertise to ensure our partners success by providing a complete business solution including technology, least cost routes, access numbers and best practice processes; unlike others who only provide the technology platform.
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